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Plastic is one of the greatest modern inventions. It is one of the most popular and essential materials which can
not be separated with our daily life. However, it is inevitable, like all raw materials, that plastic becomes a waste
when products reached the end of their life cycle.
At Vun Fat, it is our goal to make the best and efficient use of the earth's resources, we recycle, we change the
wasted plastic into Reborn Plastic Material. Our customers once again put the recycled plastic pellet into a new
product recycle. Let's pay effort to create a better future.
       塑膠確是現代社會的一個偉大發明, 它可以製造許多與我們日常生活息息相關的產品,慢慢地塑膠已成為我們生
活的基本元素。但是, 塑膠料與所有的原材料一樣, 當製成品的壽命到達終結時, 它亦無可選擇地變成污染環境的一
       煥發的目標是希望改變塑膠的命運, 循環再造, 將它們變成有用的再生塑膠料, 讓我們與顧客一起延續塑膠料的
價值及生命, 有效地善用地球資源,亦同時為保護環境出一分力。
Vun Fat Plastic Material (HK) Company Limited
31/F, Flat 3110, Cable TV Tower, 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan,N.T.,Hong Kong.
Tel :(+852)2407 5323    Fax : (+852)2409 6450
Website: http://www.vunfat.com